An important event coming up and you are one photographer short? Do you need material for marketing future events? No worries, because I can document events in the form of both video and photos. Whether it's Iivo's gold party or a more private christening, I treat every event with equal importance. My shooting style is documentary. Which means that I try to be as invisible as possible and act mainly in the role of an observer. The documentary shooting style guarantees genuine reactions and the guests can focus on what is essential, i.e. your event.

Why hire a photographer for an event?

The organizer of the event certainly has more to do than being responsible for documenting the event. By hiring a photographer, the event organizer can focus more on the guests and other duties of the organizer. With the help of a professional photographer, the organizer can also relax better knowing that the documenting side is in good hands.

Experience in documenting various events can be found over a period of several years, including weddings, pre-Christmas parties, corporate events, bachelor parties and Chaîne des Rôtisseurs the gastronomy association's roasting parties. My clients in event documentation have been Yle (news, A-studio, sport), Alpa, Peliosuuskunta Expa, Valmet, S&W Metalko, Monitor ERP System, AitoMedia/MediaWan, Epson, Solver X, FLIK Helsinki, Kehitysyhtiö SavoGrow Oy, Call to Action Oy, Legenda Films, Valve Media Oy as well as many other companies and numerous individuals.  

Events like these

  • Corporate events
  • Grand openings
  • Launch events
  • Seminars
  • Training and workshops
  • Conventions
  • Competitions and sporting events
  • Pre-Christmas parties
  • Festivals
  • Musical shows and concerts
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Bachelor parties
  • LAN-parties
  • Behind the scenes of TV and film productions
  • Something else? Can do!


Häiden kuvaaminen videolle takaa eläviä muistoja jotka herättävät tunteita vuosienkin päästä. Teen pääsääntöisesti muutamien minuuttien mittaisia koostevideoita. Näitä kutsutaan myös nimellä aftermovies. Muutaman minuutin mittaisia videoita on helppo jakaa sosiaalisessa mediassa ja tiiviimpi pituus tuo myös uudelleenkatsomisarvoa. Hääparit katselevat häävideoitaan vuosipäivinä läheistensä kanssa ja muistelevat tätä ihanaa tapahtumaa herkkujen ja kuplivan kera.

6h: 1 450€ sis.ALV
8h: 1 800€ sis.ALV
Yli 8h lisätunnit: 150€/h sis.ALV

Wedding photos

Teen asiakkailleni kuvista aina sekä WEB että PRINT optimoidut versiot eri käyttötarkoituksia varten. PRINT kuvista voi tulostuttaa itselleen vaikka julisteen ja tämän voi kehystää oman kodin seinälle. WEB versiot on optimoitu suosituimpien sosiaalisen median alustojen kuva-asetuksia ajatellen.

6h: 1 000€ sis.ALV
8h: 1 300€ sis.ALV
Yli 8h lisätunnit: 100€/h sis.ALV
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Tässä kaikki tältä erää.

Tarvitsetteko häihinne sekä video- että valokuvausta?
Onnistuu. Ottakaa yhteyttä niin teen mielelläni teille tarjouksen.

Motion graphics for event screens

The events have many screens where guests are shown information, for example, the day's program. Also in the background of the performance stage (in addition to the speaker's own material) there are many possibilities for entertaining content; the logo of the event, the upcoming speakers and the break slides can be brought to life with the help of animation fitted for your event. Animated content is significantly more impressive for visitors to view than a simple stationary text box or image.

I did the graphics animations for the first Illuusio game seminar in Joensuu back in 2011 and then one of the keynote speakers was Peter Vesterbacka (at that time worked in Rovio) and I made custom speaker animations for a few bigger names. Here were Peter's first words on stage: “Wow, the last time I had my own entrance animation that was at a Google event.

Starting at 100€/h +24% VAT

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